Muscle Stimulator

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The best choice for your health is drug-free treatment option without side effects, it uses impulse current therapy to relieve pain, stimulate muscle, relax body. Gentle electrical current pass through the lead wire reach the pads on skin.The pulses pass through the central nervous system and stimulate deep tissues and muscles, block pain receptors & various muscle movements, relieve muscle tension, ease body pain.

Key Features:

  • Safe drug-free treatment option
  • A-B Dual channel for massaging multiple body parts with different strength levels simultaneously
  • 6 Massager types with 4 mode selections included, 24 modes in total
  • 20 level of pulse intensity/strength Timer feature allows 10~60 minutes to be set (the default timer is 20mins)
  • 6 enhanced self-adhesive reusable electrode pads
  • Auto shut down when the preset duration ends
  • Portable pocket-size,take it on the go anywhere

Package Includes:

  • 1xMassage Device
  • 4xMedium Palm Pads
  • 2xSmall oval Pads
  • 2xElectrode Wires(1 to 2)
  • 1xPads Holder
  • 1xUSB Cable & AC Adapter
  • 1xUse Manual


  1. Not intend for medical use
  2. Not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients
  3. Pls do not place pads on damaged skin
  4. Not be applied directly over the heart/ infected skin areas
  5. Consult your medical practitioner if you have been diagnosed with cancer/ cardiac problems/ suffered acute trauma or a recent surgical
  6. Pls do not paste one big and one small pad on the same lead wire
  7. Do not use this item while it's charging.this item needs to be put it in state of "on" when charging it


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